Friday, December 19, 2003

No pharaoh of Egypt causes quite so much debate as 'Heretic' Akhenaten.And he was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh who reigned about 3,500 years ago.He made some major,but rather short-lived changes to various aspects of ancient Egyptian culture.
Akhenaten was a ruler of Egypt during the period known as the 18th dynasty,as there is no surviving record of Egyptian territory being lost at this time it is possible that Akhenaten was merely skillfully playing one city against the other to achieve through diplomacy what would otherwise require military force.

In our opinion Akhenaten had developed the 18th dynasty,he built a new city,put new rules,and he gave the Egyptian people a great family that went on after his death to restart what he did,so he gave the civilization of Egypt a great record of development.
Notable,Akhenaten religious revolution.He gave Egypt a period of evolution in it's religious culture,he unificate the god and put a new temples which was only for Aten the only god that they can pray for,so he built the minds of his people,he gave them a good sign or a good way that they just pray for one god,although this is not the god that we know in Islam but it was a good step in the religious culture evolution.
If we want to talk about Egyptian religion,Akhenaten had his own thoughts of it,Akhenaten overthrew Egyptian polytheism in favor of the worship of single god.Akhenaten's religion did center on one god,but his major emphasis was on the Aten's visibility,tangibility,and undeniable realness.

Akhenaten fighted the priests to unificate the god,they were disagreed with him bout the unification of god so he fighted them and asked his military to build a new city which he lived in and put his own religion with the god Aten and he promised not to leave this city for all his life.

Akhenaten as a king have a very special dynasty,he made a new life for people and he put new rules,in a short sentence he made a new civilization.

Akhenaten reign the 18th dynasty and he had different influence on each person of his people,some thinks that he is every thing for them,for others he was a fanatical lunatic,to some others he comes across as a strange,eccentric young man whose behavior was strongly influenced by his mother,to others he was a Christ-like visionary and a mentor of Moses,and others thought that he was simply someone who happened to be at the wrong place and the wrong time,who really had nothing to do with the dramatic reformations that went on during his reign.

Every dynasty has it's own events,also has the Akhenaten dynasty,as in 1340 B.C. the work started on new city at AKhenaten which is the city of Akhenaten governorship.After in 1344 B.C. Amenhotep IV changed his name to AKhenaten and the work on the royal tomb began.And in 1342 B.C. the seat of goverment transferred to Akhenaten,and he became the pharaoh.Moreover,in 1341 B.C. names of the Aten purified to remove references to all gods except.But in 1335 B.C. Akhenaten have been shocked because of the death of his wife Nefertiti.And so it was a shock for the Egyptian civilization to lose Akhenaten him self,because of his death in 1332 B.C.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Definition of pharaohs:
Pharaohs are ancient egypt kings & they are the builders of the Egyptian civilization.One of those great civilization builders is Akhenaten.
AKhenaten had an extensive family which contains of his father the king Amenhotep III and his mother the queen Tiye.He born in a city called Thebes,which is the city of his father governorship.

Akhenaten family also include Nefirtit his wife and his son Tutankhamen.However, Nefertiti,Akhenaten's wife & the mother of Akhenaten's six daughters.She is famous because of the beautiful bust of her found at Amarna and her outstanding beauty.Historians beleive that she was a foreign princess,but some evidences suggests that she was a relative of Akhenaten,and some others thinks that unlikely she was of royal blood and that her father was possibly a high official of Amenhotep III and Akhenaten called Ay,who went on to become pharaoh after Tutankhamen who is the successor of Akhenaten and his child from another royal wife called Kiya.He was the last of the tru Amarna pharaohs,and he grew up in the royal palace at Akhenaten,but during his reign was switched away from the city of AKhenaten back to Thebes.

Monday, October 06, 2003

The Pharaohs
Those are the Ancient Egyptian who built the Egyptian culture,they were genius in science included(physics,geology,biology,chemistry,business,midicine & clinic) & many other world sciences.But beside all of their sciences & knowledge,they were unknowing of the great God who made this whole world,they were like slaves for there king or the great pharaoh who was as they thought there great God.So let us begin talking about one of the culture building.

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